Economic Consulting

There is never a good time to miss a warning or an opportunity.

Change is the only constant in today's 24/7 global economic environment. Camilli Economics offers enhanced consultation for businesses, organizations and individuals to help them analyze, adjust and act as the business and investment climate evolves.

Services include one-on-one consultation and rapid response counsel in conjunction with important economic releases and market-moving events. On-site visits to client locations, as well as conference calls and videoconferences are arranged as needed.

"Reality Economics" Briefings

Communications clarity is essential in sharing knowledge.

"Reality Economics" briefings by Kathleen Camilli translate complex issues into understandable and actionable ideas. Briefings for organizational meetings, conferences and seminars can be arranged directly through Kathleen Camilli, at or through Leading Authorities, in Washington, D.C., or the Washington Speakers' Bureau. Topics include macro economic outlook for the U.S. economy, and global economy, current and future direction of U.S. monetary and fiscal policy; foreign exchange markets, and trade. Presentations can be tailored to specific micro-economic, and industry issues, as required for the audience.