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Household Wealth and the
Savings Rate


Reality Economics. Real World Analysis. Time-valued Advice.

Assessing the current state of the economy in today's uncertain environment demands a thoughtful, clear-headed approach. The challenge in this 24/7 world is to distill down the information overload to capture the meaningful indicators necessary for timely, practical economic analysis and advice. It's the firm's mission to deliver just that kind of insightful analysis and to teach people about the economy and financial markets so that they may live prosperously and fulfilled.

Camilli Economics is an independent consulting firm led by top-rated economist Kathleen Camilli. During her more than two decades of public
and private sector work Camilli has established an enviable track record of accurate forecasting. Her intelligence gathering draws on an extensive
network of government and business decision makers. A savvy and consistent performer with top rankings from Wall Street and the media, Camilli is
renowned for an ability to translate complex issues into understandable and actionable ideas.

In an ever-expanding landscape of information, Kathleen Camilli has the unique ability to make connections between important economic developments and what is important to clients. It is the productivity-enhancing analysis and one-on-one service that helps investment managers, analysts and individuals accelerate decision making in real time and in real world terms.

That is Reality Economics.

The Economic Mapping Tool allows users to visualize economic data for customized comparisons and analyses of various factors impacting the US economy. Click here for more information.

Camilli Economic Insights provides a weekly commentary and outlook on economic developments. For more information, click here.

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"On such a flat earth, the most important attribute you can have is creative imagination-the ability to be the first on your block to figure out how all these enabling tools can be put together in new and exciting ways to create products, communities, opportunities, and profits. That has always been America’s strength, because America was, and for now still is, the world’s greatest dream machine."

- Thomas Friedman

Our mission is to deliver insightful economic analysis and to teach people about the economy and financial markets so that they may live prosperously and fulfilled.
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